As an example, let’s say you’ve driven 20 miles in a 2005 Ford Focus (2.3 L, 4 cyl, manual 5-speed,regular gasoline) to pick up your daughter from basketball practice. You either import this data from your map function on your smartphone or you input the total miles yourself

final.Carbon Miles-1TripDetails

Carbon Miles utilizes OBD-2 data to calculate that your ford averages 20 miles per gallon.  Carbon Miles then calculates that the total CO2 emitted in your trip was 19.8 lbs.  Carbon Miles also shows you that it would take two tree years to absorb the CO2 emitted in your last journey.

final.Carbon MilesTripEmissions

Curious, you click on the green vehicle button and see that if your last trip had been done in a 2012 electric vehicle, only 6.3 lbs of CO2 would have been emitted.

final.Carbon Miles-3CO2Emissions

You store this information in your vehicle profile and double check how much CO2 your vehicle has emitted over the course of its lifetime.  You see that your car has emitted 2.4 tons of CO2, equivalent to 617 tree years.

final.Carbon Miles-2VehicleProfile



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