How It Works

Carbon Miles

From the moment you start your car’s engine until you pull the key out of the ignition, your vehicle emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.  CO2 is the greatest single contributor to the changing earth’s temperature. To address the problem of climate change, we must do our part to minimize our impact.

Carbon Miles helps you record the CO2 emissions associated with the use of your vehicle, empowering you to take ownership of your carbon footprint.  Carbon Miles lets you import your trip data from maps or input it manually and then calculates the CO2 emissions from your latest outing.  Carbon Miles then stores this information in your vehicle profile, allowing you to view your vehicle’s total CO2 emissions, for the month, the year, and the lifetime of your vehicle use.

Carbon Miles makes tangible the impact of this CO2 by calculating the number of tree years it would take to absorb the CO2 your vehicle has emitted.

Finally, Carbon Miles helps you understand the difference associated with utilizing an alternative vehicle.  As consumers, our impact is most directly felt in terms of our vehicle purchasing decisions.  Carbon Miles helps you understand your potential to have an impact by calculating the difference between what your vehicle emits and what other types of vehicles emit.